El secreto de la alegria

The Secret of Joy – My story

I would have never thought when I was a kid that when I heard “ANIIITAAA!!! Come and play a song for the gueeeeests!!” was the beginning of my artistic career.

Poor guests!! Having to hear a 5 year old girl scratching the guitar strings and singing… But the kind and supportive applause of the poor fellas began to give me self assurance and the pleasure for the arts.

By that time my parents dedicated their spare time to lighten up me and my brother´s childhood making marionettes plays. They bought little by little wooden marionettes and when my brother stopped using his crib, my dad converted it into a puppet theater! My parents wrote the plays and would showcase them to our friends at our birthday parties. Little by little, as I started growing up, I began to help them perform with the marionettes for the smaller kids at my school. 

Those are some of my happy childhood memories and the beginning of my artistic career which began in Lima, Peru. But it wasn’t there where I was born. Actually I was born in the US and from there, maybe because of some kind of nomad vocation of my father, we went to live in México, Peru, Spain and finally, when I was almost 8 years old, we arrived in Venezuela.

In Caracas I grew up surrounded by music and joy. I continued playing the guitar (fortunately each time a little bit better), I danced jazz and then israeli folk dances which helped me develop more and more, in an amateur way, my passion for music and dance.

I decided to study education and my hobbies ended up turning into my professional career, being my formal studies, the base for all my projects.

Music and happiness have always been my best allies and the capacity of fully enjoying what I do as a voice-over, writer, producer or entrepreneur are the reflection of a happy childhood.

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