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On your marks… GO!!! – How I became a voice over

You always imagine yourself getting ready for being a professional, little by little, studying, gaining experience until you feel ready to launch your career once you feel prepared. But this was not my case, at least not regarding voice over.

So this is the story: I was part of this wonderful team that created “Juana la Iguana”, a very successful educational, musical and fun children’s TV show produced in Venezuela and broadcasted in Latin America.

Besides the TV program, the VHS that we sold and other merchandising products, we also produced theater plays. In those plays the voice over was on site dubbing live; meaning that Juana la Iguana was acting and the dubbing actress was talking, synchronizing her voice with the movements of the character. Amazing, isn’t it?  Well, I was delighted with her work and I always sat beside her during the plays helping in what was needed.

It happened that we had to extend the season one more week and she already had an engagement to travel abroad. So, who do you think was the designated person to do that job?… Well, yes!! Me myself!… And I did it!!… And it turned out awesome!!! The best feedback was that the actors in the play didn’t notice that it was another person who was dubbing!  Of course I was very nervous, nevertheless,  it was incredible for me!

After that experience, I decided that I wanted to study to be a voice actor, so I registered in the Universidad Central de Venezuela to get my certificate. After that I took a dubbing course and other professional courses. And after all that,  yes.. I was ready to start my career as a voice over.

So the reason for the title of this article “On your marks… GO!! is because the “get set” never existed!  

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