Anita Katz

Bilingual voice over artist
Neutral latin american accent
Home studio

My Story

My name is Anita Katz. In Spanish, Anita is a small “Ana”, so maybe my parents thought I was never going to grow up? But the inevitable reality is that I did grow… nevertheless, that small Anita with a childish spirit has always lived in me. I am amused by the simple things of life and I’m an easy laugher.
I´m an Educator and a Voice Over. I have dedicated most of my professional life to voice over and production in the Edutainment field. I have a B.A. in Early Childhood Education in Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas, Venezuela.


Voice Over

I can record, edit and deliver a finished audio product with the versatility and best service that you deserve. Tell me about your project and I'm sure you´ll get what you expect!

Creative writing

I have a broad experience as a creative writer in children´s products for TV, radio, apps and toys and also in branding related themes, so I can transform your idea into a reality starting from the concept up to the final production.

Recent Articles

You always imagine yourself getting ready for being a professional, little by little, studying, gaining experience until you feel ready to launch your career once you feel prepared. But this was not my case, at least not regarding voice over.

I would have never thought when I was a kid that when I heard “ANIIITAAA!!! Come and play a song for the gueeeeests!!” was the beginning of my artistic career.

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